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Available as Video on Demand from 27 September 2022 until 31 December 2022

50 min


Video | Dance | Bundeswettbewerbe 2022


Jugendcompany Perform[d]ance
Stralsund (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)

The play is about twelve young people dealing with freedom, isolation and inner conflicts during the pandemic.


Merle Cusihuaman Dotzlaff, Greta Engel, Claas Früchtenicht, Louisa Haberkorn, Frieda Hielscher, Ella Hupka, Lisa Riedl, Paul Salut, Lilly Schubert, Mathilda Siebert

Stefan Hahn Artistic and Pedagogical Direction
Viktoria Kohalmi Choreography, Dance Education
Sebastian Sepell Composition
Felix Grimm Lighting Design, production
Annett Hunger, Xenia Hufschmidt Stage and Costume Design
Karo Serafin Video