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Available as Video on Demand from 27 May 2022 until 31 December 2022

55 min


Pay What You Want

Video | Production | Bundeswettbewerbe 2022


based on Euripides and “Medeamaterial” by Heiner Müller

Projektkurs Darstellendes Spiel / Tanztheater Lysistrate of the Goethe-Gymnasium, Schwerin

Is she a perpetrator or a victim – do we want to condemn her or understand her? The piece “Medea-Variationen” traces the different facets of the mythological figure Medea with choreographies and moving images.

Artistic Team

By and with
Katharina Conradt, Helene Hacker, Leah Kurek, Maria Oganezova, Marie Reckow, Emilia Wünsch

Silke Gerhardt Play supervision
Sophia Ashurova, Max Kuklinski Stage management