Audio | Interview | Musikfest Berlin 2023

Jörg Widmann in conversation with Fanny Tranck

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Jörg Widmann in conversation with Fanny Tanck

Jörg Widmann is currently one of the most performed composers of our time. But he also appears on stage as a clarinettist and increasingly performs his own works and music from the past and present as a conductor with orchestras. In the 2023-24 season Widmann will be featured as Composer in Residence of the Berliner Philharmoniker - also in two concerts as part of the Musikfest Berlin. Orchestral songs from Widmann's cycle "Das heiße Herz" will also be on the program of the opening concert on August 26. Jörg Widmann talks to music journalist Fanny Tanck about the diverse program of these concerts, influences of Romantic authors on his work and the family background of his Second Violin Concerto.

Guest: Jörg Widmann
Host: Fanny Tranck
Sounddesign: Christian Pössnicker