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Recording from 17 Mai 2022

Available from 18 May 2022

74 min



TT Context

Neues Theater (WT) includes: Susanne Hentschel, Heinrich Horwitz, Thomas Köck, Wolfram Lotz, Mateja Meded, Luise Meier, Lara-Sophie Milagro, Kevin Rittberger, Sylvana Seddig, Flo Thamer, Tina Turnheim, Staub zu Glitzer

Audio | Conversation | Theatertreffen 2022

Dynamic Manifest

A talk about reorganising the theatre apparatus during ongoing operations

What structures and conditions does a contemporary theatre company need in order to be able to negotiate the pressing questions of the present? The multi-voiced group Neues Theater (WT) presents its reflections.


Heinrich Horwitz Actor, choreographer, director
Mateja Meded Actor
Luise Meier Author, philosopher
Kevin Rittberger Author, director
Tina Turnheim Director, theatre scholar, author
Sarah Waterfeld Author

Annett Hardegen Moderation

and video statements by

Darin Abdelaziz Student from Ukraine
Ivo Garbe ver.di, Berliner Krankenhausbewegung
Zeynep Karlıdağ Gorillaz Workers Collective
Charlotte Koppenhöfer Organisational developer, director
Nicole Lindner & Steffen Doebert Parliament for the Homeless, in the course of formation
Fetsum Sebhat Founder PxP Embassy