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Available as Video on Demand from 21 May 2022

ca. 105 min



The 10 Selected Productions

Video | Conversation | Theatertreffen 2022

Public Discussion & Accolade “Die Ruhe”

What does the development of a production look like? What are the principles guiding the artistic practice? In the after-show talk, SIGNA and the performers will explain how the performance installation “Die Ruhe” was conceived, developed and created. Ask your questions via the chat function and the moderator will include them in the conversation. A tribute to the artists by Yvonne Büdenhölzer, director of Theatertreffen, is also part of this event.

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The letter that Larysa Venediktova distributed after the public discussion can be found  online at


Amanda Babaei Vieira, Franz-Josef Becker, Dominik Bliefert, Robin Bode, Sara Conijn, Erik Ebert, Erich Goldmann, Annabel Grosse, Tilman Gunz, Martin Heise, Thor Albin Kjær, Arthur Köstler, Signa Köstler, Tristan Kold, Elise de Leede, Katharina Mairinger, Benita Martins, Agnieszka Salamon, Sonja Salkowitsch, Markus Schmon, Andreas Schneiders, Anton Cornelius Thorsø Schulze, Karoline Amalie Severinsen, Jaavar Sidi Aly, Simon Steinhorst, Omid Tabari, Luisa Taraz, Larysa Venediktova, Lorenz Vetter, Mareike Wenzel, Luna Worthmann

Christine Wahl Moderation