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World premiere 20 January 2023

Available from 12 May 2023 until 7 September 2023

99 min





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3sat Starke Stücke

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Video | Production | Theatertreffen 2023

Die Eingeborenen von Maria Blut

By Maria Lazar
Stage version by Lucia Bihler and Alexander Kerlin

Burgtheater, Vienna

Fear, superstition and defamation shape the incidents occurring in a village community. Lucia Bihler and her team have found an impressive language of imagery that already forebodes the horrors of an impending political transformation.

Artistic Team

Lucia Bihler Director
Jessica Rockstroh Stage Design
Victoria Behr Costume Design
Jacob Suske Music and Sound Design
Mats Süthoff Choreography and Mask Performance
Peter Spörl, Helmut Lackner Mask Construction
Norbert Piller Lighting Design
Alexander Kerlin Dramaturgy


Stefanie Dvorak Narrator’s Voice / Toni, Adalbert’s housekeeper / Anselm, Meyer-Löw’s grandson / Miss Reindl
Philipp Hauss Dr Lohmann
Jonas Hackmann Adalbert, Dr Lohmann’s son / Vinzenz, Mr Heberger’s son
Robert Reinagl Father Lambert / Herr Heberger, innkeeper
Dorothee Hartinger Meyer-Löw, lawyer
Lili Winderlich Marischka, Meyer-Löw’s housekeeper / Notburga, Mr Heberger’s daughter / Alice, Lohmann’s friend in Vienna
Ensemble The native people of Maria Blut