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Bucket List
© 3sat

World premiere: 9 December 2023

Available from 2 May 2024 until 1 May 2027

71 min

German and English


10 remarkable productions

Video | Production | Theatertreffen 2024

Bucket List

What can you do when everything changes from one day to the next? In “Bucket List”, Shlomi Shaban and Yael Ronen calibrate an escape from the unbearable present with songs between jazz and pop music as well as sorrowfully beautiful images.

Artistic Team

Yael Ronen – Director
Shlomi Shaban – Songwriting and Composition
Magda Willi – Stage Design
Amit Epstein – Costume Design
Yaniv Fridel, Ofer (OJ) Shabi – Composition and Music Direction
Stefano Di Buduo – Video
Irina Szodruch, Martín Valdés-Stauber – Dramaturgy
Erich Schneider – Lighting Design
Till Josa Paar – Vocal Coach


Carolin Haupt, Christopher Nell, Damian Rebgetz, Ruth Rosenfeld

Thomas Moked Blum, Amir Bresler, Hila Kulik  – Live Music

Changed Cast in the 3sat Recording

In the 3sat recording Moritz Gottwald plays instead of Christopher Nell.