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Recorded on 23 September 2023

Available from 25 September 2023 until 29 September 2024

51 min

Treffen junge Szene

Funded by the impulse program “Culture after Corona” of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg & Gerhard und Paul-Hermann Bauder Foundation

Video | Dance | Treffen junge Szene 2023

Last dance for CHANGE

Theaterhaus Stuttgart (Baden-Wuerttemberg)

Packaged in a dark dystopian fairy tale, the current THEATERHAUS+PLUS production "Last dance for CHANGE" tells of the destruction of the earth and the downfall of our civilisation.


Alexandar Esber, Anima Lila Widmann, Anna Setzer, Charlotte Maier, Chiara Beraldo, Emanuela Ruberto, Ira Aberlic, Johanna Wassum, Leon Kaan Tunc, Lilly-Loveleen Laschet, Megan Hummel, Motherlynne Achiamaa, Pia Wunderlich, Renata da Rocha, Roni Ünlüyol, Sara Beraldo, Sebastiana Domingos

Carmen Scarano – Choreography
Jakob Dambacher-Walesch – Project management
Jakob Dambacher-Walesch, Lisa Jung – Direction
Barbara Putzhammer – Project coordination
Maria Kley – Costumes
Joshua Schüder, Finn Weidner – Stage systems
Adrian Schmidt – Video