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Hoping for…
© Berliner Festspiele / Treffen junge Szene

Recording from 4 June 2024

Available from 5 June 2024 until 28 May 2025

60 min


Treffen junge Szene

Theatertreffen der Jugend

What is peace and how can we achieve it? In “Hoping for...”, the six-member transcultural ensemble uses scenic performances and choreographic images to explore the sad, serious and hopeful aspects of conflict and peace. The collage is an invitation to the audience to join in illuminating the diverse issues and facets of one of the most important topics of our time.

By and with

Moaz Alraie, Marie Benien, Stella Bensmann, Larissa Kjortosheva, Rahmatallah Ramzi, Alae Rtimi

Judith SuermannDirector
Emmanuel EdororChoreography
Gaby SoglStage Design and Costume Design
Hanna Kroll, Diletta BrunoAssistant to the Director
Team und EnsemblePlay Development
Ariane FiliusWriting Workshop
Paula Marie BerdrowSpeech Training
Charlene KösterInternship
Erich Saar, Manuel TalaricoGraphic Design
Ralf EmmerichPhotos
Gianluca StrubLight Design

Thanks to: all storytellers and Armin Wetzel, Amar, Ida, Joseph, Nuri, Soph