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Premiere 15 January 2022 (Volkstheater, Vienna)

Available as Video on Demand from 6 May 2022 until 3 September 2022

123 min



The 10 Selected Productions

Performance rights: Random House/Rowohlt Theater Verlag

3sat Starke Stücke

  • 3sat

Video | Production | Theatertreffen 2022


eine abschaffung der sparten

Based on Ernst Jandl

Language, rhythm and music convene in Claudia Bauer’s production at Volkstheater in Vienna. The director and her cast give several Jandl-texts a theatrical form and awaken an enjoyment of sound itself.

Artistic Team

Claudia Bauer Direction
Patricia Talacko Stage design
Andreas Auerbach Costume design
Peer Baierlein Composition & musical direction
Paul Grilj Lighting design
Sebastian Hartl, Giorgio Mazzi Sound design
Matthias Seier Dramaturgy

Elias Eilinghoff, Evi Kehrstephan, Bettina Lieder, Hasti Molavian, Nick Romeo Reimann, Julia Franz Richter, Uwe Rohbeck, Samouil Stoyanov

Igor Gross Live music (percussion, vibraphone)
Lukas Lauermann Live music (cello, FX)
Jera H. Petriček Conductor
Thomas Barcal Live camera
Jürgen M. Weisert Prompter